Organize your marketing team in Confluence Cloud.

Manage all your design assets, campaigns and projects, and connect them in Confluence Cloud.

Build endless use cases across your marketing team.

Track your marketing campaigns.

Get an overview of your current projects and campaigns. See who is responsible, who is working on what, what the status is and by when it should be done. Review goals and document your results.

Orchestrate a video production.

Need to stay up to date on your video projects? Want to know who is involved in which film, where the shooting will take place, what the budget is and if you will meet your deadline? Properties can help you with that.

Build an editorial calendar.

Want to scale up your social media marketing? Need to know what content to publish on which channel? Want to manage everything from your drafts to your finished posts? Properties can help you with that.

The modern way to manage your marketing & creative teams.

Stay synced with your team.

Communicate in the context of a project, collaborate effortlessly with your colleagues, make knowledge accessible and share the right information with the team.

Centralize all your work.

Visualize your work. Identify bottlenecks in real-time, optimize campaign spend, and showcase your team’s success.

Get a better overview.

You want to know who is working on what? Reports allow you to always see whats going on, what the status of a project is and what still needs to be done.

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Start to structure and organize your work

A workflow for every team.

Properties isn’t just for marketing teams. It’s a place for all teams, with custom solutions for any problem.

Get an overview of the most important information about your employees, design onboarding documents or check the status of your incoming applications.

Document your team meetings, organize your scrum planning and reviews or stay up to date with your team goals and objectives.