Manage all your HR work in Confluence Cloud.

Get an overview of the most important information about your employees, design onboarding documents or check the status of your incoming applications.

Build endless use cases across your HR team.

See all job applications at a glance.

Get an overview of all incoming and pending job applications within your company. Which applications have not yet been processed, which are waiting for a response or which will soon be coming to the company for an appointment? All this can be seen at a glance with Properties.

Get an overview of your team.

As your company grows and you add new faces to your organization, in-person or remotely, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything. That’s why Properties provides an overall view, of your employees’ collected information.

Organize your onboarding documents.

The process of onboarding employees is a collaborative one for certain. HR, the new employee’s department, partnering departments, IT for equipment and resource access, and Accounting for payroll to name just a few. Therefore, it is important that the entire process is organized and that the various departments know what the current status is.

The modern way to manage your HR teams.

Get a better overview.

The new colleague starts next week and you forgot to prepare his onboarding? This will never happen to you again with Properties. Keep an overview with the report macro and properties.

Optimize your work.

Improve your HR team’s workflow by identifying and responding to bottlenecks in real time. So that no project falls behind.

Everything in one place.

Always get all information at a glance. Even if it’s employee info or deadlines for projects. With Properties you see everything in one place.

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Start to structure and organize your work

A workflow for every team.

Properties isn’t just for HR teams. It’s a place for all teams, with custom solutions for any problem.

Schedule your blog posts in a content calendar, manage the status of your video ideas or organize your next marketing campaign.

Document your team meetings, organize your scrum planning and reviews or stay up to date with your team goals and objectives.