Plan scrums and organize your agile teams.

Document your team meetings, organize your scrum planning and reviews or stay up to date with your team goals and objectives.

Build endless use cases across your agile team.

Summarize your meetings.

Summarize all information about a meeting such as date, time, participants or department with properties. This makes it easier to recreate meetings after the event.

Document your coordination.

Schedule and document your scrum meetings with Properties. This makes scrums more effective and easier to track afterwards.

Get an overview of your goals and objectives.

Collect all your goals and objectives in one place so you don’t lose track of them. This way you and your team can always see the progress and get organized better.

The modern way to manage your agile teams.

Stay synced with your team.

Work in an agile way with your team, make knowledge accessible and share their information with your colleagues. Be it meetings or scrums, Properties makes it possible.

Centralize all your work.

Optimize their work in the best possible way with Properties. Are there any problems in the team or is a task falling by the wayside? Detect all problems directly in real time with Properties.

Get a better overview.

Stay always up to date with the Report macro. Know at any time who in your agile team is working on which project and where the bottlenecks are.

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Start to structure and organize your work

A workflow for every team.

Properties isn’t just for agile teams. It’s a place for all teams, with custom solutions for any problem.

Get an overview of the most important information about your employees, design onboarding documents or check the status of your incoming applications.

Schedule your blog posts in a content calendar, manage the status of your video ideas or organize your next marketing campaign.