Build endless use cases across all teams.

Properties can be applied in any team and can be used in many ways.

Use Properties in many areas of your team.

Use it to plan your next marketing campaigns or to keep track of your employees. Let your creativity run free and organize yourself and your team in the best way.

Organize your marketing team in Confluence Cloud.

Manage all your design assets, campaigns and projects, and connect them in Confluence Cloud.

Manage all your HR work in Confluence Cloud.

Get an overview of the most important information about your employees, design onboarding documents or check the status of your incoming applications.

Plan scrums and organize your agile teams.

Document your team meetings, organize your scrum planning and reviews or stay up to date with your team goals and objectives.

Improve the workflow in your sales team.

Build CRM systems, document and update your leads. Register your deals and stay up to date with your sales goals.